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My blogs have helped me to express things that we read or talk about in class. I find it helpful because not only can we get feedback from classmates but there is potential to get feedback from other internet browsers.

Two examples of blogs:
Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Colon :
Our group was given the punctuation colon. The colon is a sign that goes in a sentence when there is a major division in the sentence. It also is used in time and ratios. When we were first given our topic we were all skeptical as to how we were going to do a ten minute presentation solely talking about colons but as it turns out we all worked very well together and ended up putting together what I think will be a good project. We made t-shirts to go along with our punctuation. On the front of the t-shirt we spelled out C-O-L-O-N between the five group members, then on the back we all had a : on the back of the shirt. I think we have a solid presentation set up, and have things to help get the class involved. We have a little quiz to give at the end as well as some startburts tohand out to the class! 
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008
You Tube Video
Out of the three things we had to look at for Thursday, the You Tube video stuck out most to me. It really did an excellent job at grabbing the readers attention with the interesting facts. It was shocking to me to read some of them just because I had no idea. I think it really helps to put into perspective how much technology is going to play not only into our futures, but for the future generations to come. The video had a nice organized layout too, it was never too dull but it was not too busy which allowed the reader to take in the facts with a better understanding. This You Tube video was very interesting to me. 
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Sunday, November 2, 2008
mcdonalds ad
Growing up, family bonding often occured through going out to eat, church, and movies. Going out to eat was associated with bonding, friends and family, and good times. My brother and sister and I always got excited because it was not something we did every day, or week. We generally went out every other week and would always get excited when we did. Although in turn, going out to eat was not healthy and ended up costing more money than cooking a meal at home. In most cases, the food was very unhealthy and sometimes not even taste that great. I believe that most restaurants are misleading because they provide menus and advertisements that lead you to believe the food is delicious and healthy. Also restaurants provide portions that are often way to big.
In the commercial they show a family at home eating McDonald's. The young boy comes in dancing with his food to the "Cha-Cha Slide." It is trying portay that eating fast food is acceptable and brings the family together. Although in turn McDonald's is very unhealthy and has led to many cases of obsesity and high cholesteral. McDonald's in the commercial has the boy dancing with his apple dippers. I found it interesting that he was eating those instead of french fries when many people associate McDonald's and french fries. They are trying to show that they are healthy, but he is pairing his apples with caramel and a cheeseburger. I find it a little contridicting.
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Thursday, October 23, 2008
Mcdonalds ad
I watched a advertisement for McDonalds. It was about a family that was enjoying a meal at home from McDonalds. There was a mother, father, sister, and then a little boy. The little boy was not seated at the table in the beginning, but instead entered the scene dancing with his food to the cha-cha slide. The music was playing and he was taking his food and eating and playing with it to the beat of the music. Everyone at first looked at him a little crazy, but as the song progressed the rest of the family started to get into it as well. I think this ad showed that McDonalds food is a fun way to eat. It brought together the family and they had fun together.
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